China high quality High Precision Shaft Type Series Spiral Bevel Planeray Gearboxes Gt-R1 with high quality

Product Description

High Precision Spiral Bevel Planetary Gearboxes
GT 060 L 1 S1
Reducer Series Code Reducer Frame Output Number Model Gear Ratio Output Shaft Type
GT Series 075 – External diameter Φ75mm
090 – External diameter Φ90mm
110 – External diameter Φ110mm
140 – External diameter Φ140mm
170 – External diameter Φ170mm
210 – External diameter Φ210mm
240 – External diameter Φ240mm
L  L1  R1  H  C 
LM  RM  4M
FL  FL1  FR1  FH  FC
Single Stage: i= 1
Double Stage: i= 3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10
Three Stage: i= 12  15  16  20  25  28  30  40  45  50  60  70  80  90  100
S1 – Smooth Output Shaft
S2 – Output Shaft With Key

Specification Stage Ratio GT075-L GT090-L GT110-L GT140-L GT170-L GT210-L GT240-L
GT075-L1 GT090-L1 GT110-L1 GT140-L1 GT170-L1 GT210-L1 GT210-L1
GT075-R1 GT090-R1 GT110-R1 GT140-R1 GT170-R1 GT210-R1 GT240-R1
GT075-H GT090-H GT110-H GT140-H GT075-H GT210-H GT240-H
GT075-C GT090-C GT110-C GT140-C GT170-C GT210-C GT240-C
GT075-LM GT090-LM GT110-LM GT140-LM GT170-LM GT210-LM GT240-LM
GT075-RM GT090-RM GT110-RM GT140-RM GT170-RM GT210-RM GT240-RM
GT075-4M GT090-4M GT110-4M GT140-4M GT170-4M GT210-4M GT240-4M
Rated Output Torque  Nm 1 1 45 78 150 360 585 1300 2150
Max Acceleration Torque Nm 1 1 1.5 Times of Nominal Output Torque
Max Acceleration Input Speed rpm 1 1 6500 5500 4500 3500 3000 2200 2000
Standard Backlash arcmin 1 1 ≤6
The Input Shaft to Allow Radial Force N 1 1 950 1450 2100 2700 3800 7800 9600
The Input Shaft to Allow Axial Force N 1 1 425 725 1050 1350 1900 3900 4800
The Output Shaft to Allow Radial Force N 1 1 1100 1700 2700 4800 6600 11500 16000
The Output Shaft to Allow Axial Force N 1 1 550 850 1350 2400 3300 5750 8500
Rotational Inertia KG•cm² 1 1 1.3 3.16 7.7 23.57 58.99 195.4 369.34
Operation Life hr 1 1 20000
Efficiency % 1 1 ≥98%
Application Temperature ºC 1 1  -30°C~+100°C
Lubricating   1 1 Life Time Lubrication
Operation Noise dB(A) 1 1 ≤70 ≤74 ≤76 ≤77 ≤78 ≤80 ≤82

Taibang Motor Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer which combined with series gear transmission products of design, manufacture, and sale promotion. 
occupied more than 30,000 square meters, had more than 1000 workers, and more than 200 sets of advanced equipment,
operated strictly according to ISO9000 Quality management system.
• provide you with more than just high-performance products, more industry users tailored package of application solutions,
• based on corporate issues, to provide users with the most suitable products, the most suitable solution.
• Lead customer innovation through the products and service, help the customer realize the maximum benefit.
• 1995: CHINAMFG Company and the Ministry of Aerospace, Peking University,
               and scientific research experts jointly established a micro-micro motor manufacturing company
• 2000: CHINAMFG established a branch in HangZhou, ZHangZhoug
• 2005: ZHangZhoug CHINAMFG Motor Industry Co., Ltd. established HangZhou ZheJiang State-owned Industrial Co., Ltd.
• 2012: Established ZheJiang CHINAMFG Automobile Co., Ltd.
• 2014: Approved the new factory site of the second phase of the HangZhou National Economic Park in ZHangZhoug Province,
               which is expected to be completed and put into operation in 2018
• 2018:  A new 120,000 square CHINAMFG automated production base

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Application: Industrial
Speed: Constant Speed
Function: Driving, Control
Casing Protection: Closed Type
Number of Poles: 2
Certification: ISO9001, CCC


Customized Request

presicion gearbox

Precision Gearbox: Enhancing Mechanical Systems

A precision gearbox is a specialized type of gearbox designed to offer exceptionally accurate and controlled motion in mechanical systems. It enhances mechanical systems in several ways:

1. Accurate Positioning: Precision gearboxes provide precise and repeatable positioning, making them ideal for applications requiring tight tolerances and accurate alignment.

2. Reduced Backlash: Backlash, which is the play between gear teeth, is minimized in precision gearboxes, ensuring minimal lost motion and improved accuracy.

3. High Gear Ratio: Precision gearboxes often feature high gear ratios, enabling fine adjustments and controlled motion even in systems with high torque requirements.

4. Smooth Operation: With minimal vibration and noise, precision gearboxes offer smooth and stable operation, crucial for applications requiring consistent movement.

5. High Torque Transmission: Precision gearboxes are capable of transmitting high levels of torque efficiently and accurately, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications.

6. Optimized Efficiency: Precision gearboxes are engineered to reduce friction losses and energy waste, resulting in improved overall system efficiency.

7. Customization: These gearboxes can be customized for specific applications, allowing engineers to tailor gear ratios, sizes, and configurations to match the system’s requirements.

8. Automation and Robotics: Precision gearboxes are vital components in automation and robotics, where precise movement and positioning are critical for tasks such as assembly, inspection, and handling.

9. Instrumentation: In scientific and analytical instruments, precision gearboxes ensure accurate movement of components, contributing to the precision and reliability of measurements.

10. Aerospace and Defense: Precision gearboxes are used in aerospace and defense applications, where accurate motion and high reliability are essential for tasks such as satellite positioning and guidance systems.

By providing accuracy, stability, and optimized performance, precision gearboxes are fundamental in enhancing the functionality and efficiency of various mechanical systems across industries.

China high quality High Precision Shaft Type Series Spiral Bevel Planeray Gearboxes Gt-R1   with high quality China high quality High Precision Shaft Type Series Spiral Bevel Planeray Gearboxes Gt-R1   with high quality
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